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Speech to Speech (STS)

Communication solutions for individuals who have difficulty speaking.

Toll Free Number: 1-877-735-1007

What is Speech to Speech?

No more depending on friends or family members to help you make phone calls! If you have difficulty speaking, you can take advantage of Relay Iowa's user friendly Speech to Speech service. With Speech to Speech, specially trained Communication Assistants (CAs) serve as the STS user's voice and repeat their voiced response back to the called party.

Speech to Speech is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no restrictions on the length or number of calls placed. All relay calls are strictly confidential as Federal law mandates that Communication Assistants (CAs) cannot reveal any information about any call.

How do I place a Speech to Speech call?

By calling the toll free 877 number, you will be connected with a Relay Operator who will assist you in placing your call.

  1. Dial Relay Iowa Speech to Speech at 1-877-735-1007.
    You will hear; "Relay Iowa CA (number). The area code and number to call, please?"
  2. Voice the telephone number of the party you want to call plus any special instructions.
  3. Once the call is connected, everyone on the call will be able to hear each other. The CA will revoice 3 to 4 word segments unless you request otherwise.
  4. The CA will clarify anything that is not clear before revoicing. Pausing while the CA voices is helpful.
  5. You or the person you are calling may request that the CA stay in the background. If you need the CA to begin revoicing at any time during the call, you must request the CA to do so. This is especially helpful when calling family, friends, or others who are familiar with your speech. Say "GA" when you are finished speaking and ready for a response.

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