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For more information on iPad instruction and informational videos, please visit www.iaccessibility.com

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TAI Vlog

Imagine not hearing your faraway granddaughter’s “I love you” or not understanding what your doctor is trying to explain over the telephone.

If you struggle with hearing loss or speech impairment during phone calls, we may have the answer.

Being able to communicate, even if you have some hearing loss or speech impairment, is invaluable. Today it is easier than ever before, thanks to new technology advancements in telephones and Telecommunications Access Iowa. Now every time your telephone rings, you can comfortably pick up the phone and carry on a conversation with anyone.

To learn more about the phones that are available and how you can obtain a voucher that will cover up to 95 percent of the average cost of specialized phone, read on!

TAI is a program of the Iowa Utilities Board

Have Questions? Please visit our Public Service Announcement for further details on the Telecommunications Access Iowa program

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